Have you ever wondered the science behind why vitamin D has a direct impact on how strong our teeth are?

Do you struggle with eating a traditional diet in today’s modern world?

Well, you’re in for a treat with this expert interview with Dr Steven Lin, bestselling author of The Dental Diet.

In his excellent book, Dr Lin weaves together so many pieces to the puzzle to a healthy mouth including:

  • The importance in tongue placement for proper dental arch development in kids
  • The critical role nutrition plays in the path to a healthy mouth
  • How epigenetics makes or breaks our future oral health
  • Real-time strategies how to meet our nutritional needs in our modern world
  • and so much more.


Here are some highlights of today’s expert interview:

5:35 The fun story about where Dr Lin first came across the work of Dr Weston Price

8:55 Why Dr Price’s work was lost for nearly 70 years

14:00 The missing nutrients responsible for incomplete facial development in growing children

16:05 How ‘downgraded’ dental architecture causes a breakdown in fundamental health

23:05 What a dental office of the future is going to do for their patients

25:00 The critical roles breastfeeding plays in the future health of the child

28:40 How a woman in her 60s completely changed her life by having functional airway orthodontics

32:20 The relationship between nutrient deficiency and impaired methylation

35:30 Dr Lin’s #1 most important food to support greater oral health

36:30 The #1 food that undermines our oral health the most (it’s NOT sugar ?)

39:10 How to navigate a traditional diet in a modern world

42:05 The critical importance of nasal breathing for optimal oral health




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What foods optimize our oral health? Interview with Dr Steven Lin
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