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  • Product Type:Oral irrigator
  • Colour:White/dark blue
  • Special Features:Hygienic nozzle storage compartment, adjustable rinse pressure
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Product Description

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The Oral-B Professional Care Oxy Jet is such a powerful tool; I wonder what I could have done without it.

Oral-b Professional care Oxy Jet is a tiny tooth-cleaning device that mixes air and water, then pressurizes it to form millions of micro-bubbles which are released in rapid pulses. It is designed to clean debris from small spaces around your teeth area which helps in attacking attack plaque causing bacteria. If you are still skeptical about the safety of using oral irrigators, you need not worry as it has been recommended by lots of dentists in the United Kingdom.


If you, like me, have little gaps between your turn (mine was from a fall), space under your tooth bridge, you use a dental implant, Oral-b Professional care OxyJet is all you need to save you from having a tooth pulled out due to plague or any dental-related disease.

This amazing product comes in two variations:

  • The first being a simple water-jet irrigator with a base station. This is recommended if you have an electric toothbrush already and need just an extra oral irrigator.
  • The second and my personal favorite are the OxyJet Oral Care Center. The OxyJet Oral Care Center differs from the water-jet irrigator as it combines an oral irrigator and a base station for an electric toothbrush.

While this may not seem like much difference, the latter differs from the former in that it mixes air and water into tiny, microbubbles, pressurize it before releasing it in a rapid pulse that is guaranteed to clear away dirt and germs on your teeth better than flossing would those teeth would.

The pressure with which Oral-b Professional care Oxy Jet dispels water is quite high and much higher than any other hydro irrigator on the market. A good thing about this, is that this pressure can be adjusted to fit your need, ranging from Level 1 to 5, you are sure to get a pressure level that satisfies you.

However, the minute air bubbles help to cushion the impact of this high intensity on our gums, and you would most likely not feel the impact of the high pressures. You could compare it to a Jacuzzi, or as I prefer to call it “my teeth Jacuzzi” since they both work in the same way technically.

This is because both dispense water at very high rates that are still pleasurable to us. It is far more effective for removing food debris on your gum line and even below it.

If you are scared about the quality of air in your home or surroundings, you can be relaxed with this product. Oral-b Professional care Oxy Jet comes with specially developed air filters that help to clean the air before it is mixed. This has greatly enhanced my breath freshness.


I started having tooth infections from plagues in April with the condition worsening to include bad breath in the June, after using Oral-b Professional care Oxy Jet for a month plus, my gums are as good as new, and I no longer do I have to keep shut in public due to bad breath. For such low price, this is definitely a great buy.

Thank you, Oral-B.

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Oral-B Professional Care Oxy Jet Review
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