After the Oral B Electric Toothbrush company started gaining a very wide lead in terms of popularity, recommendations, and functionality over the Sonicare power toothbrush company, Sonicare decided to release it’s best oral care system to date.

By releasing the Sonicare 9500, probably the most customizable toothbrush available, Sonicare has brought back the attention of many of its users who switched over to Oral B.

The Oral B Professional Care 5000 just solidified the company’s dedication to providing some of the best oral care devices available. With it’s added feature, the Deep Clean mode, on top of all of the other features the Oral B PC 5000 borrowed from the 9900 (the previous best brush available on the market), this electric toothbrush put itself on the top of the list of best available toothbrushes according to Electric Toothbrush Ratings.

Which one is better – Oral B 5000 or Sonicare 9500?

In my own personal opinion, the overall advantage has to go to the Oral B 5000. While the Sonicare 9500 is in fact a sonic toothbrush creating a dynamic cleaning fluid action, I feel that the pulsations and oscillations that the Oral B toothbrush offers makes it more like a dentist tool, which is far superior to any brush. It’s 5 modes of cleaning along with the smart care features are all added pluses to this electric toothbrush.

However, the lead that the Oral B 5000 has over the Sonicare 9500 isn’t by a wide margin. If you are looking for a fully customizable toothbrush or have highly sensitive gums, the Sonicare Elite e9500 might just be for you.

Regardless of which toothbrush you purchase, you’ll be buying a great toothbrush. It’s like the difference between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, both are great cars, it just becomes a matter of taste. In this case, my personal taste and opinion lean towards the Oral B 5000 over the Sonicare 9500.

Source by Erik Ortega

Oral B 5000 Vs Sonicare 9500 – Which is Better For Your Dental Health?
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