We finally did it.

Thanks to you sharing about our products with your friends and family, OraWellness has continued to grow through the years. We now have happy customers in 77 countries around the world. (Thank you ALL!)

In order to keep up with inventory needs, we have grown up from a small, boutique production team to a new production lab. More about how excited we are about our new production team in a bit…

The most important thing for you to know is that even though our products will look a little different, we’ve maintained the same formula for our HealThy Mouth Blend.


New logo, new labels, new packaging

We have upgraded our labels to have different colors for our different formulas.

You’ll also notice that we have different packaging for our nut free Healthy Mouth Blend.

So, those of you who prefer our nut free blend, there will no longer be any confusion due to  us using the same external packaging.

Now our original formula is in the same blue recycled paperboard tubes and boxes and our nut free formula is in green.


Slightly different flavor…

When we received our samples from our first production run with our new manufacturing team, we noticed that the HealThy Mouth Blend tasted a bit different. Really, it tasted like it used to taste back when we first started OraWellness.

You may notice that the blend seems a little stronger but it’s the same awesome formula we’ve always used.

The reason for the difference in flavor is because our new manufacturing team has sourced the base organic ingredients from their own suppliers. Just like organic tomatoes will taste different from one farm to another, essential oils can vary in their flavor profiles depending on the source of the raw ingredients.


Why our new production team rocks!

Given the explosion of essential oils into the health and wellness movement in recent years, sourcing the cleanest, highest quality oils can be challenging and confusing. When sourcing the ingredients for our products, quality, purity and effectiveness have always been our main priorities.

Our new lab is a certified organic accredited lab and every batch we produce is tested to maintain the highest standards in manufacturing. Our lab utilizes a variety of methods to test all raw materials upon receipt, making sure that they meet our uncompromising standards.

Tests confirm identity and potency as well as screen for impurities such as heavy metals, insecticides and microbes. All raw materials are quarantined until accepted or rejected by the quality control department.

Finished products undergo final testing before being released for packaging.

What all this means is our HealThy Mouth Blend is the same awesome formula with greater testing to maintain quality and purity.


On the road to organic certification…

Part of our excitement with shifting to our new production team is that they can help us achieve a dream we have had for many years… For our HealThy Mouth Blend to be certified organic.

We thought this would be done already but we hit a snag and we thought you’d be interested in the process.

As you know, our HealThy Mouth Blend has always been produced using organic essential oils in a base of certified organic carrier oil. All along, the essential oil of manuka has been ‘wild crafted’ because our understanding was there was no manuka being grown in a certified organic farm.

To be certified organic, our HealThy Mouth Blend has to be made from at least 95% certified organic ingredients. Given the formula and that manuka was the only non-certified ingredient, this was no problem.

However, it turns out that manuka is one of a few ingredients on the USDA list that must be certified organic regardless of the amount if you are going have your product certified organic.

The problem is obvious…

We’ve spent the last 2 months searching for certified organic manuka but have come up empty handed. There is no manuka being grown organically (it’s all wild crafted).

Since we have been unable to find certified organic manuka on the market, we’re in the process of appealing this silly regulation in order to get our HealThy Mouth Blend certified organic. So it will be a bit longer until we can finally realize our dream for our HealThy Mouth Blend to have a certified organic label on it! (And if you happen to know of a certified organic manuka farm, we are all ears!) And when we do get organic certification, our packaging will change again.

Let us know what you think of the new label and packaging! Do you appreciate the improvements to maintain the highest quality? As always, we want to know your feedback and thoughts on the new packaging and purity testing.

Thank you for being a part of our lives!

Love and Aloha!

Will and Susan

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New label, new packaging… Same great product
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