Moms Teeth Whitening Secret Scam? You Betcha ·

Im sure you have seen these ads all over the internet: “Moms teeth whitening secret!…”  Well, the secrets out.  This is nothing more than a marketing ploy and you will pay the price if you fall for it.

There is no secret.  In fact, I would doubt if these products did anything at all.  No whitening pen or brush works. 

Here’s how it works.  These “moms” make a website and recommend a couple free trial offers of tooth whitening products.  They say when mixed together they produce amazing results…yeah right.  These are called CPA offers and the “moms” get paid every time you take a free trial.  Why?  Because the companies pushing these products make it nearly impossible to cancel your trial offer and you will end up getting a credit card charge for $60 to $80 bucks EVERY MONTH!  Wow, no one needs that much tooth whitening product in a month.

The BBB is getting flooded with complaints about these tooth whitening companies. Consumers are getting charged when they tried to cancel, the customer service is nearly non exsistent and to top it off, the products are pretty poor.

I know the websites look good and the blog comments are great, but are you going to fall for this? 

There is no “secret” trick to whiten your teeth.  You just need a good product to use, that does not have a free trial. 

If you would like a real tooth whitening product that actually works and you can order as much as you want, whenever you need to, you can click the links below. 

They have been in business since 1991 and offer a great product that really works.  It’s $39.99 and comes with a money back guarantee.  You can then keep the trays and order refill kits whenever you want to for a low price.  Much better than falling for some internet marketers tricks and paying $80 for junk that doesn’t even work.

I hope this article finds the right people!  Just check with the BBB if you don’t believe me on this scam!

Source by Bob Mason

Moms Teeth Whitening Secret Scam? You Betcha
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