It is with sadness and respect that we acknowledge the passing of Ramiel Nagel.

Those of you who have been on the holistic oral health path know Rami for his excellent book, Cure Tooth Decay, which he first published in 2010 (incidentally, the same year we launched

Amidst condemnation from many professionals in the field, Rami researched and relentlessly illuminated the works of Weston Price, Melvin Page, Edward and May Mellanby and others, the greats who pioneered the field of holistic oral health.

For those of you who don’t know Rami’s story, he turned his attention to researching holistic oral health when his eldest child’s front teeth began to decay and crumble as a toddler. Like so many of us, he thought, “Why is this happening? We’re eating organic foods and whole grains.”


The two gifts Rami gave humanity…

We’d like to acknowledge Rami for two gifts he has given us all.

First, Rami questioned the cultural story around tooth decay.

Amidst the stress of watching your child’s baby teeth crumble, rather than just following the cultural story we all know so well, that tooth decay just happens and diet has very little if any impact on whether our teeth decay or not, Rami questioned this story and sought to find a solution for his daughter.

Keep in mind, Rami didn’t know of the works of Weston Price and others at this point in his life. This took great courage and insight to question such a deeply ingrained cultural story with no proof.

Second, once he found the gems he sought in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Your Body is Your Best Doctor, Degeneration, Regeneration, and other excellent books, he committed himself to this study, compiled his research and shared it with the world.  This is no small feat!

In his life, Ramiel published several books including, Cure Tooth Decay and Cure Gum Disease Naturally as well as a third book titled, Healing our Children.

While we are sad that we never got to meet you in person, Rami, it’s been such an honor to work side by side on the same mission through the years with you.

In appreciation for the role Rami has played for us and so many others, we share the interview we recorded with Rami back in 2012 for our HealThy Mouth World Summit. The title of his interview is “The Role of Food in Healing Tooth Decay”.

We invite you to watch this video for free here. Like our eulogy for Dr Hal Huggins, we plan to keep this video free for all to benefit from.

Thank you for your determination and desire to serve humanity, Ramiel. May your work continue to help others seeking answers to the role that diet plays in creating optimal oral health.

(If you have trouble watching this video here, we have also made it available for you to watch on youtube.)


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In honor of a warrior leader – our friend and author Ramiel Nagel passed away
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