As a follow up to our recent analysis of several vitamin K2 supplements on the market, today let’s explore the critical importance that vitamin K2 plays in not only our oral health, but so many systems throughout the body.

In this interview with Kiran Krishnan, a researcher and product developer who, for the past 15 years, has helped increase the global knowledge base on vitamin K2, we take a close look at the studies that suggest that vitamin K2 helps:

  • increase bone density helping us stop tooth decay
  • keep calcium out of soft tissues like our arteries
  • restore mitrochondrial function and literally reverse symptoms in Parkinson’s disease and other neurological issues
  • improve cardiac output which directly supports heart health and increases athletic performance

Show notes

2:51 Why supplementing vitamin K2 is critically important, particularly for those of us consuming a Western diet

5:21 How statin drugs interfere with vitamin k2 recycling in arteries

7:00 Actual mechanism how K2 helps build bone

11:38 The role of k2 specifically in creating greater oral health

14:10 How K2 plays a significant role in stopping gum disease (not just tooth decay)

15:00 How if you have leaky gut, you may be compromising your ability to absorb K2 (and other fat soluble vitamins)

19:30 Incidence of subclinical K2 deficiency (greater than 90%)

31:30 What the research says regarding how much K2 is best?

32:50 What other minerals and vitamins help support K2 in doing its jobs

39:52 Who should be careful supplementing k2

43:30 How to test for K2 levels in your body (LabCorp tests for this!)

47:20 How often Kiran goes to the dentist ?

48:50 Why K2 is an anti-aging vitamin

49:30 The importance of K2 for heart health

54:40 Whether to take k2 with or without a meal

Warning: Poor video quality ?

Unfortunately, the day we recorded this expert interview, we had poor internet connectivity which resulted in a less than ideal video and audio quality at times in the interview.

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How to reverse cavities and restore brain and heart health with vitamin K2
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