With the launch of our new product solution, OraWellness Shine, we have been getting a lot of questions on what’s the best way to use our products, particularly how to use our products with one another to provide the most support.

So, while we normally like to dive into all sorts of other subjects in this complex field of oral health, today, let’s address the unspoken question behind  a lot of other questions…


“I’ve happily used your HealThy Mouth Blend for years and now you have OraWellness Shine.  Do I need both?”

If you’ve been reading our work for a while, you already know that, first and foremost, we’re here to help.

Sure, we have products we find benefit from using that we offer for purchase, but most important to us is that you gain some benefit from reading our work.

In other words, whether you choose to purchase our products or not really doesn’t matter to us.  What matters is whether you gain some insight from our articles, ebooks, expert interviews that helps you.

So with that in mind, would you benefit from using both our HealThy Mouth Blend and Shine?

It depends.

Here’s why…


Principle behind the HealThy Mouth Blend – Rebalancing the ‘oral flora’

We created the HealThy Mouth Blend to help the world avoid the progressive destruction of gum disease.

We realized that a mouth where gum disease is thriving is out of balance. All the signs of gum disease like bleeding gums, red, swollen gums, chronic bad breath, etc are all screaming signs of a mouth desperately in need of rebalancing.

Secondarily, we wanted the HealThy Mouth Blend to provide some help to stop tooth decay.

The reason our HealThy Mouth Blend works so well is because is helps us manage our oral microbiome, or as we like to call it, our blend helps us be a ‘good conductor of the symphony in our mouths’.  Specifically, the HealThy Mouth Blend works on a biological level.


Principle behind the development of OraWellness Shine – Remineralize

At the very core of our research for OraWellness Shine, we wanted a product solution that would help provide the minerals our teeth need to be strong and cavity free.  (For a more detailed explanation of Shine, check out this helpful video.)

This is a very different approach than our HealThy Mouth Blend that helps address the microbial balance in our mouths.  OraWellness Shine provides the necessary building blocks that our teeth are made of to stop existing tooth decay while protecting against future decay, all intended to better support the health of our teeth.

You could say that our HealThy Mouth Blend is for healthy gums and OraWellness Shine is for healthy teeth.  While a bit overly simplistic, this description is heading in the right direction.

Another way we can look at this is our HealThy Mouth Blend helps through a biological approach (helping to address the balance of microbes) and Shine helps on the ‘chemistry’ level (by supplying the minerals in the right combination and particle size).

And since half of our readers are children, (or parents there of), and find the HealThy Mouth Blend a bit  “too spicy”, we created OraWellness Shine to provide a wonderful alternative to help protect kid’s developing teeth.


So, would you benefit from using both our HealThy Mouth Blend and Shine?

To answer this question for yourself, just ponder the following…

  • Do you have signs of gum issues like bleeding gums, red, swollen gums, or chronic bad breath?
  • Do you get cavities regularly?
  • Does your mouth grow plaque really easily?
  • How’s your ability to habitually eat a nutrient dense diet?

You see, some of us don’t have gum issues and only get cavities. (Arguably, many more people unknowingly do have gum disease but don’t know it, but that’s a separate discussion.)

Others of us have gum issues but no tooth decay.

A few of us don’t have either (lucky you :).

Then there are most of us who have a mix of these issues.

So, if you:

  1. tend to have gum issues
  2. eat a nutrient dense diet
  3. find that your mouth doesn’t grow plaque really well

you may be able to only use our HealThy Mouth Blend.

On the other hand, if you:

  1. get cavities easily
  2. don’t consistently eat a great diet (or have less than perfect digestion)
  3. can grow a carpet of plaque overnight
  4. but have beautiful pink gums with no signs of bleeding ever

You would probably benefit from using OraWellness Shine but may not need our HealThy Mouth Blend (that said, our HealThy Mouth Blend would really help you bring down your plaque levels).

For the rest of us who have had to deal with bleeding gums and cavities, we may best benefit from using both tactics, rebalancing the biology in our oral microbiome and remineralizing our teeth.

Incidentally, if you or your loved ones have struggled with tooth decay, be sure to get your copy of our FREE resource guide, “How to Stop Tooth Decay and Remineralize Your Teeth”.  This e-book provides lots of very simple ways anyone can ramp up their ability to live a cavity-free life.

Next article, we plan to share how we use our HealThy Mouth Blend and OraWellness Shine in our own oral hygiene routines.  Would it be helpful to you to hear how we use these products to optimize our oral health?  If so, please tell us in the comments so we know to prioritize this article!

Do you have some specific ‘how to’ questions on using OraWellness Shine?  Be sure to check out our Shine FAQ where we have answered lots of questions there.  Also, we have a video ‘How to use Shine’ on the product page for Shine here.

If you don’t see your question answered in our FAQ, please post it in the comments below and we’ll add your question to our FAQ.  (and thank you for helping us improve our support!)


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