A common question we get after someone learns about how to brush your teeth to reduce gum disease with the Bass brushing technique goes like this…

“My gum line feels great!  But don’t I need to brush the rest of my teeth too?”

Other versions of this FAQ are:

“How do I brush my teeth to stop cavities?”

“Is there a ‘right’ way to brush my teeth?”

So, in this video, we share a brushing technique how you can get your teeth really clean and reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Video tutorial highlights:

  • 0:35  The brushing mistake most people make everyday
  • 1:20  One of the most important jobs why we brush our teeth
  • 2:00  How to encourage healthy microbes in our mouths to flourish
  • 2:45  What is the ‘right’ way to brush our teeth?
  • 3:45  The 3 aspects to the ‘Shoeshine brushing technique’
  • 5:40  How to know when your teeth are ‘clean enough’?
  • 7:30  One reason why our Healthy Mouth Blend helps reduce risk of tooth decay

How do you make sure your teeth are clean and able to resist cavities?

Do you find the principles of our ‘Shoeshine brushing technique’ helpful?

We love to hear from you.  So, if you have anything to add to the discussion, please share in the comments below!

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How to brush your teeth & stop tooth decay
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