“How do I brush my teeth right?”

“Can the way I brush my teeth actually stop gum disease?”

“Can we cause harm brushing our teeth?”

These are a few of the hundreds of different questions we have received from you, our readers, over the years.

Since the launch of our very first OraWellness video tutorial, ‘How to brush your teeth to reduce gum disease’, we have witnessed an exponential increase of awareness of the Bass brushing technique to stop gum disease.

And thanks to all the great questions since that first video, we are excited to share with you Bass brushing 2.0, “How to brush your teeth right & avoid 3 common mistakes”.

In this first video of a two part video series on how to brush your teeth, let’s revisit the Bass brushing technique and gain a better understanding of how to apply this powerful gum-disease-stopping strategy.

Video tutorial highlights:

  • 1:07 Why the design of your toothbrush plays a big role whether you’ll even be able to stop gum disease
  • 1:50 Why bringing conscious awareness to the habit of tooth brushing has a huge impact on your long term oral health
  • 2:20 Why we have to shift our attitude from ‘take no prisoners’ to ‘balance your oral flora’
  • 3:43 The three specific steps how to apply the Bass brushing technique
  • 4:30 The area we need to pay particular attention to make sure we stop the ‘thug bugs’ implicated with gum disease
  • 5:00 The common mistake most people make when learning the Bass brushing technique
  • 5:30 How to know if you’re making this common mistake

As always, we hope this new video revisiting the Bass brushing technique helps you and your loved ones along your path to greater oral health.

Please comment below if you have other questions we could cover in future video tutorials.


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How to brush your teeth & avoid 3 common toothbrushing mistakes
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