While root canals are extremely common if you have never gotten one, you should definitely stick with never having one. And while your dentist may encourage it, after you read this you may change your mind.

There are more risks involved with root canals than we are often even made aware of and these risks are often underplayed. Dr. Mercola has posted on this subject many times and brought some great points to the table. One thing he mentioned was that you should not allow your dentist to mislead you, root canals are not your only option and they are not entirely safe.

You see, just like other organ systems in our bodies our teeth require a blood supply, venous drainage, nervous innervations, and lymphatic. Root canals are dead teeth. These dead teeth more often than not become sources of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body. Think of it this way, if you had a dead organ inside of your body you would remove it, right?

You would do this so that bacteria and necrosis did not set in and cause you to die in the long-run. So why are we not doing this with our teeth? Is it because you think it is any different because of the location? The whole idea, in general, is disgusting.

Teeth have roots, those roots contain many nerves within your body from the main canal to the side canals. Sure, when dentists perform root canals they remove the nerve from the main canal but they do not have means of accessing the side canals as they are microscopic. These have dead nerves left behind in those places.

Inside of these places bacteria that do not require oxygen to survive thrive. This causes toxicity because they digest necrotic tissue and cause chronic infection. Dr. Robert Kulacz actually ended up writing a book on this whole issue titled; The Toxic Tooth: How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick.

“I did a lot of root canals for many years,”

“Everything was going smoothly until one day, a patient of mine said to me, ‘You know, I heard from my physician that root canals may be bad; that root canals may cause or contribute to other diseases in the body.’ and I said, ‘You’re crazy. Who is telling you this? That’s impossible.’ He said, ‘You got to look at this information.” He gave me websites of organizations like the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to look at.

I went on to explore this topic so I could come back to him and say, ‘Here is where you’re wrong, here’s where your physician is wrong, and here is where the American Dental Association (ADA) is right.’ Lo and behold, I found out they’re right; I was wrong. I looked at Weston Price’s work, the work of Rosenow, and others. I decided to go to an IAOMT meeting… Dr. Boyd Haley’s lecture on root canals and how toxic they are changed my life. I realized I was wrong… From that day on, I changed my practice.”

While the ADA continues to say that these root canals are a safe procedure that cannot cause any diseases according to those who have actually spend time looking into the issue they are not correct. Kulacz says he has done biopsies on every root canal tooth he has ever extracted and almost all of them have remnants of necrotic debris still in the canal meaning that they were not thoroughly cleaned. Microbiological cultures of the surrounding bone showed infection almost one hundred percent of the time. Sure, many dentists believe they can sterilize a root canal but Kulacz’s biopsies prove otherwise.

Do your research before having any medical procedure done no matter how small or how big. You need to know what is happening to your body.

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How A Root Canal Could Potentially Ruin Your Health – Awareness Act
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