The internet is abuzz with holistic oral health information these days.

But has anyone set down a clear definition of what exactly ‘holistic oral health’ means?

After all, unless we have a clear understanding of what holistic oral health is (and isn’t), we risk just throwing around buzz words and having a conversation that only leads to more confusion.

So, in today’s article we’ll explore the 2 main foundations that make up holistic oral health.

As a baseline, holistic oral health means that we are very aware of the direct impact that the health of the mouth has on the health of the whole being.

And it all starts with this core foundation of holistic oral health…


We must heal the mental disconnect with our mouth.

Those of you who have been with us for any time know this already, but healing the mental disconnect with our mouth is so fundamental, it’s worth repeating.

Bottom line, we can talk and talk around the concept of holistic oral health, but until we really heal the disconnect most of us have with our mouth, it’s just superficial talk and won’t provide any lasting positive change.

This mental disconnect we speak of shows up in our lives in so many ways.

And when this mental disconnect shows up, it undermines our oral and whole body health.

Here’s a quick quiz for you

to see how you’re doing healing your own mental disconnect with your mouth…

Without counting, how many teeth do you have in your mouth?

Notice we didn’t ask ‘how many teeth are in a human mouth’. How many teeth are in YOUR mouth?

If you weren’t able to answer this off the top of your head, don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not alone.

In fact, most people we ask aren’t able to quickly answer this.

Here’s another tougher question…

Do you have any crowns, root canals or implants in your mouth? If so, can you point to which teeth they are?

This one is tougher because it really takes healing this mental disconnect with our mouths to a deeper place. To be able to answer this question, you’ve spent some time getting to know your mouth.

If you want to massively improve your oral health, here’s the very best way to get started. No, it’s not buying some products or information. It’s just giving to your oral health by getting to know your mouth. And the best part is… It’s FREE!

Here’s a link to the article and FREE download to get you heading in the right direction.

As we distill all this down, we come to a MYTH that’s very popular and at the core of this mental disconnect.

One version of this myth is…


Oral health myth… “What goes in the mouth, stays in the mouth.”

In other words, if you put something in your mouth, so long as you don’t swallow it, you can spit it out and it won’t go into the rest of the body.

But wait… Research has proven this isn’t true.  It’s a myth! (If you’d like a fun read, here’s more on oral health myths.)

In fact, what we put in our mouths goes into the bloodstream via absorption through the gum and cheek tissue.

Anyone who has taken homeopathic medicine knows that you simply put the medicine under your tongue and it’s absorbed into the system. Same goes for anyone with angina. Just put the drug under your tongue and you’re good to go.

As you’ll see in a bit, this myth has very powerful implications when it comes to keeping toxins out of our body.


So why is healing this mental disconnect so important?

As a whole, our modern culture ‘over-compartmentalizes’ the body. This is especially true when someone gets educated and trained into a medical (or dental) system.

The problem is… the mouth is part of the body.  You can’t treat the mouth separately from the rest of the body.

We can think that we can treat the mouth separately, but it doesn’t work at all.

In fact, our mouths are THE main pathway how we introduce new ‘stuff’ into our bodies.

And when you ponder the impact of the human micro biome, the mouth is the very beginning of the entire digestive tract (which is home to 80% of your immune system).

So, whatever we do in the mouth has a direct impact ‘downstream’.

This is why there is such a HUGE connection between prevalence of oral disease and systemic disease.

There are powerful connections between gum disease and tooth decay (the lion’s share of oral health disease) and all the major diseases that plague our modern culture including:

I mean, with a list like this, wouldn’t you think that oral health would be much more important to our culture?

But conventional medical science quickly points out that ‘correlation does not equal causation’. In other words, just because the science suggests an increased risk of heart disease for people with gum disease doesn’t mean that having gum disease at least in part contributes to the cause of the heart disease.

Ugg, part of the mental disconnect. The mouth is the furthest upstream part of our immune system. Whatever we do in our mouths flows downstream…

Which leads us to the second major pillar of holistic oral health…


Keep toxins out of your mouth.

In this case, toxins can take lots of different forms, including:

  • Dental materials
  • Chronic hidden infections in the mouth
  • Oral hygiene products
  • The words we speak

Let’s unpack each of these to grasp how they impact our broader health.

Dental materials

If we (mistakenly) believe the myth we shared above, ‘what goes in the mouth stays in the mouth’, you’ll believe that we can use any dental materials, even toxic elements, and they won’t harm the body.

Hmm… Lots of holes here… Don’t even get me started…

So, the first step is to stop gum disease and tooth decay in your mouth so you can avoid having more ‘questionable at best’ ingredients in dental filling materials being put in your mouth. Once you get this under control, it’s time to turn your attention to what to do to clean up any collateral damage from old dental work.

We have written extensively on this subject with articles like “How to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings” and in FREE expert interviews like “How to safely remove mercury from your brain and body” and “The connection between gum disease, mercury and Alzheimer’s“.   And if you want a deeper dive, you can download a FREE e-book, the OraWellness Guide to Safe Dentistry here.

And while we’re on it, here’s another FREE ebook “How to stop tooth decay and remineralize your teeth”.

Chronic hidden infections in the mouth

When we get an infection, part of the solution is for our immune system to create an inflammatory field around the infection.

However, this ‘solution’ becomes a problem when the infection becomes chronic. Chronic infections bring on a state of chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation is the stuff that brings disease.

As we focus back to the mouth, chronic infections can exist from root canals, cavitations – infections at sites where you had teeth pulled (like wisdom teeth), or even just plain ‘ol gum disease, our original ‘elephant in the living room’.

The inflammatory cascade of chronic oral infections has many factors.

Part of the issue is what we touched on above, that our immune systems create inflammation when it becomes aware of an infection.

Another part of the problem with chronic infections is the thug bugs implicated with these infections produce and dump toxins into our systems which themselves cause inflammation.

So, it’s really important that we identify chronic infections in the mouth and clean them up. Here’s an article that will give one idea how to find chronic infections.

If you want to take a deeper dive, please consider signing up for our FREE video tutorial course, the 5 steps to a healthy mouth.

Oral hygiene products

Of course this is part of the story. We’re going to do our best to keep this really short and sweet…

Bottom line, it all comes down to whether the people who formulated an oral hygiene product believed the myth ‘What goes in the mouth stays in the mouth’.

If they did believe this myth to be true, they would be ok with using products that cause trouble ‘downstream’ in their oral hygiene formulation. (Yes, we’re referring to ingredients like fluoride., SLS, coloring agents and our most recent favorite plastic Microbeads)

On the other hand, some oral hygiene product creators (deep bow of gratitude and humility) are holistically minded and formulate their oral hygiene products knowing full well that whatever we put in our mouths goes into the whole body. So, we make darn sure that every single ingredient is safe for the whole body and is in the formula to help in some way.

If you want to to see how your oral hygiene products hold up, check out this article where we show you how to tell for yourself whether your oral hygiene products are holistic or not and ‘How to tell if a toothpaste ingredient is safe to use in the mouth‘.

It’s amazing how quickly the body heals itself when we use products with ingredients only there to help and keep the whole body in mind.


Choose our words mindfully…

Yep, part of holistic oral health may be too ‘fluffy’ for some. But it’s true. The words we choose to speak can either spread love and be supportive or be poison on the world.

The downside? Well, when we choose to speak poison, we are the first ones to get sprayed with that toxin.

Like our dear friend India Arie states so poetically, “Speak words of beauty and you will be there”.

It’s true. If you want to see your oral (and whole body) health skyrocket, speak words of beauty. Validate others honestly and sincerely from your heart. And if you need to, bite your tongue. The only one responsible for what comes out of my mouth is me, is you, is each of us.  (Yep, the science even backs up the health giving impact of ‘softer’ stuff like how smiling increases health and happiness.)

Ok, so this isn’t a complete list to define holistic oral health. There are many other parts to the puzzle. But these two pieces, healing the disconnect with your mouth, and keeping toxins out of your mouth will take you a long, long way to staying healthy and happy.

We hope this helps you along your path…

Thank you for being here. It’s an honor to serve you.


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