choosing the right toothpaste for your kids

Getting your kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be difficult for a wide variety of reasons.  The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing the right toothpaste for your kids.

Main stream toothpastes contain a wide variety of questionable chemicals, and the fact that they will be putting this in their mouths is definitely cause for concern.

My advice is that you purchase natural kids toothpaste. Even when choosing a self proclaimed natural toothpaste you may want to watch out for some of the following chemicals:

  • alcohol
  • artificial sweeteners
  • parabens
  • salicylates
  • sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS)
  • triclosan

These chemicals can have a wide variety of ill effects from drying the tissue, causing canker sores and allergies to concerns with cancer.

Once you have found the natural toothpaste you like, have your kids try it and see if they like the taste.  It is very important that they like the taste because if they don’t it will make getting them to brush their teeth even harder.

You can have them try numerous toothpastes until they find the one they like. I like Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free with Watermelon taste Toothpaste (you can get it from Amazon US) but there are a lot of different companies that offer good natural toothpastes, again let your kids decide which one they like best because the most important thing is that they actually brush their teeth.

Getting Your Kids a Toothbrush

Next step is getting them a toothbrush. Sounds pretty simple right? It is, but just keep in mind that the size of the toothbrush is important because you want the brush to fit their little mouths or brushing can end up being uncomfortable or even painful.

If your kids have sensitive teeth and gums make sure to pick the softest brush you can find.  You may even want to let them pick it out. It may be a good idea to find a fun toothbrush with bright colors or even cartoon characters. It will make brushing seem like a fun time.

Time to brush…

Get excited when it comes time to brush, and get your kids excited about it.  Have a good time with it, as if it is a really fun thing, almost play time. Let your kids know it’s time to brush away all of that bad bacteria that can cause cavities. Explain to them that after they eat a bad thing called bacteria begins to run rampant in their mouths and it is very important to brush, brush, and brush away that bad bacterium so they have white, healthy and clean teeth.

Make sure they are only using a small amount of toothpaste so that it doesn’t foam up to much and cause a gag reflex. Even though there are toothpastes that are safe to swallow never let them get in the habit of doing that. They may end up using a mainstream toothpaste and end up getting sick because of it.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we do. Feel free to share it with your friends and family and republish it if necessary. Also, we would love to hear your t thoughts about this subject. What kind of toothpastes do you use at home? Do you feel that natural toothpaste are just hype or are necessary for the health of our children?

These Tips Will Help You Choose a The Right Toothpaste For Your Kids
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