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  • Brush Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush
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This specially designed to help parents care for their baby’s and toddler’s teeth, this battery powered toothbrush with soft vibrations, a tiny brush head and soft bristles is ideal for keeping baby teeth and gums clean. The unique 2 minute light timer and 30 second pulse reminder helps teach good oral care habits from a very early age while being fun to use. Comes with a replaceable AAA battery. Replaceable brush heads are also available. Note: Product is designed for use by parent on the child. Do not use unsupervised.

Brush Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush Review

I honestly thought I’d never be impressed by a toothbrush; but the Brush Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush is actually something to be impressed with. I don’t use it for myself, obviously (it’s called Brush Baby, after all) – but my kid does, however, and it’s great in that regard.

Brushing my son’s little chompers has always been something I’ve had trouble with since he started getting them in, but he’s actually enjoying the process now! Maybe it’s the gentler bristles on this brush, maybe it’s just the soothing vibrations, or even its small size – regardless of whatever the reason, teeth brushing is now becoming easy now… maybe even enjoyable to him? (it is now for me).

I was indifferent at first, possibly because his mother was touting about how she got him a fancy new brush, like I never gave him anything ever. But obviously, since I’m here writing a review, it was worthy of my wife’s hype.

I enjoy the timer feature on the brush, my son has progressively gotten acclimated to being brushed for each of the cycles durations – and I don’t need to worry about him leaving the brush on accidentally as it turns off on its own, thanks to the timer (not that it’s happened, although if it does that’s fine).

I want other parents to know about this neat brush for their kids, since I know how crappy it is brushing an uncooperative child’s mouth. It is super affordable – I’ve seen comparable products to this selling for twice as much, some don’t even have replaceable heads.

BabySonic offers replacement heads for this brush, and I have yet to need one. As well I’m still using the original battery provided when we got the brush. I’m not trying to convince parents their child’s needs should be weighed against thriftiness; but what I am saying, is that as far as price and efficiency are concerned – the Brush Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush is the perfect choice for a parent who wants to provide their child with basic personal hygiene, while being affordable and more importantly, being enjoyable to their child.

I know my kid is going to have no complaints or concerned thoughts from his dentist when he goes in for his check-ups. I just wish for other parents who still struggle getting their babies teeth brushed to see this review, and know that this product is a safe, fun choice.

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Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush Review

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