Which power toothbrush delivers the highest strokes per minute?

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Which power toothbrush delivers the highest strokes per minute?

We get many questions from our readers about electric toothbrushes and oral care in general and we feel very proud of it, because these actions show us that people trust us.

One of our readers contacted us recently with a very simple question that we never though about writing an article about:

The question is: ” Which Power (Electric) Toothbrush delivers the highest strokes per minute ? ”

We decided to research the different electric toothbrush models that are available for sale on the Amazon marketplace and create an easy to read table that compares them based on this one feature and only.

The short answer, for those of you who are in a hurry, is not 100% clear as the first place is shared by 3 different electric toothbrush models:

The most powerful toothbrushes are sonic toothbrushes. They produce between 12,000-24,000 oscillations or 24,000-48,000 movements per minute.

All three models are delivering 48.000 movements, which according to our research, is the highest number of movements between all competitors.

If you are curious enough though to see all the electric toothbrush models that deliver 40.000 brushing strokes or more, then continue with the table below.

  • We categorised all the toothbrushes that can be bought from Amazon according to their rotating power. The toothbrushes that are posted here are not necessarily the best. If you want to learn which electric toothbrush – in our own opinion – is the best, read this article.
  • The information presented on the tables below have been gathered from Amazon and from some of the toothbrushes official websites. If for any reason you feel like any of the following tables have any mistakes, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will correct it immediately.
  • Ratings and Prices are taken from Amazon.com on the date this post was published. (10th of August 2015)
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Strokes Per MinuteRATINGS
(Amazon Users)
iBrush SonicWave with UV Sanitizer 48.0004.5 (125 buyers)$69.99
Buy From Amazon
Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000 Smartseries48.0004.1 (74 buyers)$133.19
Buy From Amazon
Oral-B 7000 Black48.0004.4 (896 buyers)$149.99
Buy From Amazon
Cybersonic3 Electric Toothbrush45.0004.6 (64 buyers)$49.95
Buy From Amazon
Pursonic S452BR Dual Handle Sonic Toothbrush45.0003.0 (52 buyers)$99.95
Buy From Amazon
iVation SonicWave Toothbrush41.0004.7 (18 buyers)$59.99
Buy From Amazon
Pyle Electric Toothbrush (PHLTBS51BK)41.0004.5 (45 buyers)$49.99
Buy From Amazon
Dazzlepro Advanced GT Toothbrush40.0003.1 (59 buyers)$59.00
Buy From Amazon
Pursonic S520 Black Sonic Toothbrush40.0004.0 (200 buyers)$54.95
Buy From Amazon
Diamond Pro Sonic Toothbrush40.0003.0 (2 buyers)$84.39
Buy From Amazon
CUH UltraSonic Toothbrush40.0004.6 (4 buyers)$43.99
Buy From Amazon
Xtech (XHST-100) Sonic Toothbrush40.0004.8 (48 buyers)$49.51
Buy From Amazon
Pure Power™ Sonic Toothbrush40.0005.0 (1 Buyer)$54.99
Buy From Amazon
Kedsum (KD-A12) Sonic Toothbrush40.0004.0 (9 buyers)$46.99
Buy From Amazon

If you are wondering why no Philips Sonicare product made it to this list, note that all Philips sonicare toothbrushes are delivering only 31.000 brushing strokes per minute.

Although this is not a small number and it will do the cleaning job just fine, we couldn’t include all toothbrushes that were delivering below 40.000 brushing strokes per minute, because our list would never end.

We think that you care to learn which power toothbrush delivers the most strokes per minute and not how much each electric toothbrush that is available for sale does.

We hope you enjoyed our article and our table.

If you feel like we helped you enough, please consider sharing this table with the rest of the world.

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