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The causes of yellow teeth can be varied, ranging from too much of the black stuff and nicotine, to prescribed medication. Achieving white teeth will very much depend on the scale of the discoloration and destruction. Shown here are diy teeth whitening remedies made with ingredients you’ll have at home .

You can definitely reduce staining and decay with cleaning your teeth before and after each meal
Flossing is a perfect diy teeth whitening method which removes plague and particals caught in hard to reach places.

I know you know this, but it is still worth mentioning as a diy teeth whitening method
Whiter teeth are the first thing you will notice when you kick the habit, but also your skin will feel better and you will sleep better. You will see dramatic whiter teeth with in a day of stopping smoking.
Drink plenty of water.

Fruity DIY Teeth Whitening Method

Lemon Plemon!.
Citric fruits including lemons have been recommonded to as diy teeth whitening treatments, but they will do more harm than good. You might feel initially they have bleaching effects, but the acid is also striping part on the coating away too.

Strawberries Will Make Teeth Whiter
Mashed Strawberries are an effective diy teeth bleaching fruit if you remember to clean your pearly whites after wards to remove the acid residue.
Strawberries , brushing teeth with mashed strawberries. They have both acid and sugar, this strategy will probably do more harm than good. If you eat strawberries, or strawberry yogurt, perhaps waiting 15 Min’s before brushing as the acid will soften the enamel, brushing right away may possibly lead you remove some of the enamel coating.

The Power of Baking Soda
Baking soda is kind of an abrasive substance and will cause damage to your teeth if used excessively, use 2 times each day and wash your teeth after

Gran’s diy teeth whitening recipe.
A remedy handed down thur my family for generations which is very effective.
Mix one tsp of baking soda, dash of salt and some drops of white vinegar together, ( this will foam) Apply to the stained teeth. Clean after wards with your usual tooth paste for a blinding grin. Works a treat. Another faster strategy using baking soda, is make a paste of baking powder and water, rub on teeth, wash this also give a pearly white smile.

Using plain table salt will remove plague, and halitosis, splatter salt on tooth paste, brushing with this will leave your mouth feeling fresh, clean and bright.

Not A DUI, DIY Teeth Whitening
Apple Cider Vinegar one hundred percent do it your self teeth whitening method is a particularly effective technique to not only whiten but also leave you with a fresh clean feeling. Remember to dilute with water.

An apple a day will not only keep the doctor away but also the dentist. Eating an apple will help clean your teeth when you are on the go, diy teeth whitening on the move.

All the do it yourself teeth whitening treatments and remedies state here are to help whiten teeth, they are not to be used as a substitute to brushing you teeth.

DIY Teeth Lightening Warnings
Warnings some bleaching and teeth bleaching products can lead to sensitive teeth.
Scraping your teeth with fingernails or sharp objects can lean to damage to the coating of the tooth, not recommended. Use products not objects as do it yourself teeth whitening methods.

All the hard work has been taken away, applying these remedies will whiten your teeth. Get a great smile today with these do it your self teeth whitening methods.

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